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Media Temple: A Review

Web hosting and cloud services had been continuously provided by Media Temple since 1998. Their main office is in California and they have operating data centers in Los Angeles, CA and Ashburn, VA. Having been listed in North America’s 30 largest web hosting companies, they are relatively big and are now hosting as much as 1.5 million websites. The services being offered by Media Temple can range from cheap and accessible grid services to ultra powerful server solutions. Web builder solution for people who has limited skills and budget in development of a website is also being offered.

Just recently, Media Temple was purchased by a large company which is considered as the biggest domain registrar and web host. The company who bought Media Temple did not make any changes or brought the company under their name just like other purchases. The identity of Media Temple is still retained which is mainly because they have already uphold a brand value and already established their company as a premium host.

Grid service or ‘Grid’ is the most popular plan by Media Temple since it is rather competitive to traditional hosting in terms of its prices and resources, but it has an advantage on its accessibility which is not limited. If your website is hosted in shared hosts, sudden bursts in traffic will cause you a problem, which is usually caused by your website being picked up by social media which sent a large amount of visitors over a small span of time. The shared hosts could regulate the website, suspend it for a while or even the whole server might stop giving response.
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A cloud host must always perform very well and provide perfect uptime. Media Temple excels in this area and they always give satisfaction to their clients. Their basic cloud hosting service called Grid is known to have an almost perfect uptime and is very different from what you get with normal shared hosts. Most customers experience superior performance and downtime is very minimal. One can expect a very different shared hosting experience using Media Temple’s Grid as compared to others, especially when it comes to scalability. So if choosing scalability for a non-critical website at a justifiable price, then it is wise to choose Grid.
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Two dedicated virtual services named DV Managed and DV Developer are both superior performers and are considered to be replacements for traditional Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers. Without minding the cost, even the cheapest DV Managed Package offers very minimal downtime and consistency. Media Temple may cost more compared to other shared hosting, but it is reasonably priced.